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"... WEATHER GUARD van shelving systems are the best you'll ever own. They hold up to anything you can give them. I have had three systems in vans and trailers and wouldn't buy anything else."
— Timothy J. Bauer

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Minivan Trade Packages

Your van needs to reflect your own individual way of working. Now you can design a storage system around your profession and working style with our WEATHER GUARD® Van Storage Solutions.

WEATHER GUARD Trade Packages are designed to fit multiple minivan models: Chevy Uplander, Dodge Caravan CV and Ford Freestar. Heavy-gauge steel shelving in different heights, lengths and depths make sure your van is configured for the way you work. Drawer units and parts cabinets help you keep track of the loose tools and parts so essential to your job, every day.

General Service

For a wide range of applications, our General Service packages are a great starting point when planning your vanís storage needs. This package offers a worktop, various open and enclosed storage spaces and literature holders for a complete overall setup that can be easily reconfigured as your needs change. You can also customize this package with a host of other WEATHER GUARD Van Solutions storage components.

  Model No. Description Market Price
1 88500-3-01 Screen Bulkhead
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2 8875 Hard Hat Bracket
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3 8320-3-01 30" x 14" Shelf Unit
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4 8342-3-01 42" x 14" Shelf Unit
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5 8918-3 18 Drawer Parts Cabinet
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6 8332-3-01 36" x 14" Shelf Unit
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7 8501-3-01 Shelf Door
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8 8934-3-01 Back Panel
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