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"... WEATHER GUARD van shelving systems are the best you'll ever own. They hold up to anything you can give them. I have had three systems in vans and trailers and wouldn't buy anything else."
— Timothy J. Bauer

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Roof Rack Accessories

Accessorize your van roof rack for added convenience to match your work style. Aluminum conduit carriers provide fully enclosed storage for conduit and pipe with a hinged rear door for the easy loading/unloading of materials.


Van Rack Accessories

Specialy Accessories
Model No.: 250
Description: Sliding Ladder Rack
Weight: 27
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Conduit Carrier

Keep your conduit safe, secure and clean with our lightweight and durable Conduit Carrier. You can also make your own Conduit Carrier using the Kit and a section of standard 6" PVC plastic drain pipe.

Model No. Height Width Description Weight Market Price
237  11  Conduit Carrier - Aluminum  40 
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238  11  Conduit Carrier Extension 
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239      Conduit Carrier Kit 
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All-Purpose Aluminum Racks

Ladder Guide

The Ladder Guide makes it easier to load an extension ladder from the rear of the van by guiding it into position. This aluminum product is finished with a bright white powder coat. It attaches to the cross members on a roof rack and is adjustable to the width of the extension ladder being installed.

Model No. Description Weight Market Price
240-3  Ladder Guide  34 
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Model No. Description Weight Market Price
2501  Accessory Warning Light Holder 
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2502  Accessory Mirror Holder 
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2503  Accessory Velcro Straps 
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2504  Accessory Mirror 
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